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UNESCO-Quito participates in international seminar on police strategies to prevent crimes against cultural heritage
© UNESCO / Quito. Participants in the Seminar
19 April 2012/ UNESCO/Quito

Aimed at protecting and safeguarding cultural heritage, the Government of Ecuador, through its Commission Against Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods, organized the International Seminar on Police Strategies to fight to Prevent Crimes Against Cultural Heritage and Works of Art from 17 to 20 April in Quito.

In the opening session of the seminar, the vice minister for heritage, Juan Carlos Cuellar, underscored the efforts made by the country in the preservation and safeguarding of cultural goods and cultural property of the nation, in which the country has invested more than 44 million dollars in various activities, such as renovation, identification and registration.

UNESCO-Quito has joined the efforts to train more than 80 policemen with a presentation on its strategies to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural goods, a very important part of the history of peoples and societies. The presentation explained various topics related to the UNESCO conventions, especially the 1970 Convention, returning stolen cultural goods to the respective country of origin and all the actions related to internet sales of stolen goods.

Participating in the course was Stefhano Thefo, representative of the general Secretariat of Interpol in France, who explained the role of the institution in the struggle against the illicit trafficking of heritage. Merci Jean-Robert, from Switzerland and Jimmy Vera, of Chile, talked about the procedure and modus operandi in their respective countries for illegal trafficking of artifacts of a high cultural value.

Other issues dealt with in the seminar were local cultural heritage, the legislation related to the crime, the reduction of theft risks, expertise and expert’s survey reports to facilitate the police in detecting works subjected to illicit trafficking.

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