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2nd Caribbean Workshop on Disaster Risks Management on World Heritage (Havana, Cuba, 13-17 May, 2013)

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The 2nd Caribbean Workshop on Disaster Risks Management on World Heritage will take place in Cuba from 13 to 17 May 2013. Old Havana and its fortifications, the first World Heritage Site recognized in Cuba, will host the event, which is organized by the UNESCO Havana Office and the World Heritage Centre, in coordination with the National Council on Cultural Heritage of Cuba and with the cooperation of ICOMOS and ICCROM. The Workshop is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands. It is celebrated in the framework of the Caribbean Capacity Building Programme (CCBP) for World Heritage and it is also integrated to the Inter sectoral Platform SIDS.

The singularity of this second Workshop will be the overall and inter sectoral approach to the World Heritage Convention in a coordinated strategy among UNESCO sectors to appraise lessons learnt and new challenges on risk prevention and management over the World Heritage sites in the Caribbean.

Heritage experts in Aruba, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, representatives of agencies of civil protection and participants from other countries also interested in the subject will consider their experiences on Disaster Risks Management in the increasing challenges of the sub region. Cases studies analyses on the preparation for Heritage risk preparedness and management; adaptation and mitigation on Climate Change and procedures of the United Nations System applied for international cooperation in this field, will be explained.

As described in CCBP (Module 3: ¨Risk Preparedness¨), The Caribbean is exposed to seasonal natural threats as heavy rains, flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes; as well as volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes and other major events bringing great human and economic losses. Participants will display experiences on different types of risks threatening the heritage sites, taking advantage of UNESCO different resource manuals and the practical experience of the Organization on technical assistance for disaster risk management in World Heritage sites, mainly focusing on the Small Islands Developing States /SIDS), and Caribbean Member States.

The focus of the Workshop is the protection of World Heritage, at same time understood into the cooperation strategies of the United Nations system for the prevention and mitigation of risks, also contributing to enhance knowledge and attention over the UNESCO procedures for international assistance in the framework of the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention with the purpose of strengthening its results and impact.

Supported by the use of the CCBP training modules, specially CCBP Module3 “Risk Preparedness”, and the “Resource Manual Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage”, edited by the World Heritage Centre, also the “Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention”, participants will increase knowledge for the protection of Heritage as a contribution for sustainable development with the following purposes:

1. Train Heritage Experts in the prevention and Management of risks, capable to promote together with associated specialized agencies, the inclusion of Heritage into the overall plans for Risk preparedness established in their countries.

2. Associate as much as possible the Management of Disaster Risks for World Heritage with the UN procedures applied for international emergency assistance enhancing also the definitions and the understanding on the procedures established in the World Heritage Convention.



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Module 3: Risk Preparedness 
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