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  Intercultural Dialogue

All cultures in the world should ensure their space and their freedom of expression, and each, nurturing at the same time its roots, should develop in contact with the rest of the cultures in the world. Favoring those purposes is one of the major missions of UNESCO, aimed at which it promotes Intercultural Dialogue.

In the context of the globalization that characterizes the current international arena, such dialogue between cultures is the best guaranty of peace and of determined rejection to the theory of the inevitable clash between cultures and civilizations.

In Latin American and Caribbean multicultural societies, it is then essential to ensure a harmonious interaction and a will for coexistence between peoples and groups of plural, diverse and dynamic cultural identities, with respect to human rights, promoting pluralism in the region by implementing several strategies and activities.

One of these strategies and activities is the UNESCO Project “The Slave Route” among which objectives is breaking the silence on the topic of slave trade and slavery and underline its consequences, contributing, at the same time, to the implementation of a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between peoples.

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