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Bahamas: March is Culture Month
11 March 2015/Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Daniel Johnson declared March the 'National Month of Culture' during a press conference on Tuesday, March 10 at the Ministry's offices.

Minister Johnson said as part of this month he has prepared a Culture Paper, which he intends to present to Parliament and table as a Culture Bill within this month.

"Each March from now on would be used to celebrate all things that are indigenous to Bahamian Culture, Minister Johnson said. As culture embodies the customs, traditions and values of our society, it defines who we are as Bahamians. Our behaviour and beliefs which are acted out in our daily lives and portrayed through our arts, fashion, storytelling and culinary delights tell of our unique cultural heritage created from our rich and colourful history as a people."

National Culture Month 2015 is being observed under the theme "Dis We Culture" and its objectives are to recognize and celebrate Bahamian Culture and to encourage Bahamians to organize and participate in locally- organized cultural events around The Bahamas during the month, he said.

Culture month will include events such as the launch of the E. Clement Bethel National Arts Festival (March 2nd) in Grand Bahama and New Providence. This National festival competition will be held throughout the islands of The Bahamas from March to early June. Persons are encouraged to view the adjudications and support the cultural community organizations and schools as they participate in this festival.

The Exuma Music and Heritage Festival (March 12-14), is a festival celebrating the rich and cultural heritage of The Bahamas and the island of Exuma.

On March 21, the Island of Bimini will hold a Junior Junkanoo Parade where youth organizations will put on a fantastic display of Junkanoo talent.

Friday, March 27 "Culture in Da Square" will bring Bay Street alive at Rawson Square and Parliament Street where food and Arts and Crafts will be on sale and cultural entertainment by various Bahamian artists and performers will take place.

During the month the department of Culture will seek the government's approval to open discussions on a National Dress Competition: this competition will foster the discussion and identify the social idea of the "National Dress" of the country.

A National Dance approval will be sought for the Bahamian traditional dance styles to be named as the National Dance of The Bahamas.

National Music approval will be sought to hold music competitions throughout the country to determine which genre will evolve as the National Music of The Bahamas.

National Sport recommendations will be made to the government to identify "sailing" as the National Sport of The Bahamas.

As we celebrate "National Cultural Month" all Bahamians are encouraged to get involved: communities in New Providence and throughout the Family Islands are encouraged to plan and implement a cultural event in observance of "Culture Month."

Media houses are encouraged to highlight and provide coverage to cultural activities this month and publish cultural stories and interviews of cultural icons whether via television, newspaper or radio.

All businesses are encouraged to decorate their store-fronts with Bahamian colours and play Bahamian music within their establishments if possible.

Schools throughout the country are encouraged to research the contributions by Cultural icons to our National development.

All families are encouraged to have cultural discussions with children and young people about the traditions that have molded our Bahamian society. Designate a day for the teaching in any of the following areas: cooking, woodcarving, storytelling, dancing, singing, ring play, marble shooting, bush medicine….

The Minister wanted to convey that Bahamians are a creative people rooted in passion and tradition, and our culture tells the story of who we are to the world: we must ensure that our culture is passed on to younger generations so that the Bahamian of today does not die tomorrow.

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