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UNESCO presents its work with the Afro-descendant population in Costa Rica
© UNESCO/SJO. Meeting of the Sub-commission on Afro-descendant Affairs of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica
UNESCO offers to collaborate with the Sub-commission on Afro-descendant Affairs of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica

18 June 2015/ UNESCO Office in San José

On 16 June, the Director of the UNESCO Cluster Office for Central America, Pilar Álvarez-Laso, presented several projects in favour of the Afro-descendant population, including support for women, young people, data gathering and the promotion of the “From Oblivion to Memory” collection.

Deputies Epsy Campbell and Maureen Clark welcomed this potential collaboration between UNESCO and the Sub-commission, and issued the Director of the Office a formal invitation to present the “From Oblivion to Memory” collection on 24 June before the Human Rights Commission.

The Meeting recognized the opportunity offered by the publication to raise awareness and gain more knowledge of the Afro-Costa Rican population and its history, and to contribute to offset the lack of information of the present educational system.

Deputy Clarke stressed the historic importance of the fact that last Thursday the bill to reformulate Article 1 of the Political Constitution, whereby Costa Rica is declared a multiethnic and pluricultural country, was passed.

Charaf Ahmimed, specialist of the UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector in San José, explained that, on the issue of youth and employment, the challenge is to promote the hiring of Afro-descendants in the private sector. He added that it is important to improve the link between youth and Public Safety.

Oblivion to Memory” Collection

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