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Culture Ministry hosting ‘Guyana Talent Search’
26 January 2021/ Department of Public Information (DPI)

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport is gearing up to launch ‘Guyana Talent Search’, which aims to provide Guyanese youth with the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Minister Hon. Charles Ramson Jr., told DPI that this initiative could attract local, regional and international talent scouts, which could lead to a wide range of training and professional opportunities.

“Once they get that exposure, first of all, it’s a good stepping stone on a platform so that they can then move their talent from stage to stage because it takes a long time to really develop your talents.

The time is ripe for Guyana to utilise virtual platforms in this endeavour and to highlight our rich, local culture, the Minister said.

“Guyana’s richness is really our cultural diversity, but we don’t get to sell that enough. That is one of the reasons why I am pushing our virtual programmes, a lot especially during Covid. This will allow us to not only push the richness of our cultural diversity within the territory of Guyana but worldwide.”

To this end, the Ministry will soon publish its upcoming cultural calendar of events. Minister Ramson is hopeful that the ‘Talent Search’ would be as successful as other recent virtual events hosted by his Ministry.

“You will see all of those being produced or broadcast throughout the entire year. Our previous events have really helped to expose a lot of people, who were able to get paid as a result of … performing and that’s only from the Ministry… They now get the exposure that they can go into other gigs, amid COVID.”

The Ministry is also exploring other avenues to develop and advance the arts in Guyana.

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